Accessibility, Fall Days and Strategizing Over Coffee

Is your business accessible to citizens with disabilities?  Do you know the importance of a Casp inspector?  Did you know that each violation means a $4000 penalty plus attorney fees, both yours and the plaintiff?  Can you spot a violation in your business?  On August 14th those present at the Community Center were given this information with a presentation by Senator Galgiani and The Civil Justice Association of California’s Kimberley Stone.  We were given some strategies that can help.  Hire a yearly certified access specialist and look yourself for the following red flags: 

  1. Parking lot signage
  2. Disabled parking areas
  3. Access to your facility
  4. Doors
  5. Inside your business
  6. Restroom accessibility

Unfortunately, legislation to stop these frivolous lawsuits does not make it out of committee often.  As a business community it is important that we become proactive so working with the Chamber and your fellow businesses to not become victims.

Summer days of leisure are fading as school begins and all the Fall activities begin.  Football, soccer, cross country and volleyball will keep families busy and merchants begin to gear up for the Holiday Season.  The Chamber is already planning the last Sunday in the Park for October.  Last year’s event brought lots of costumed children to participate in pumpkin carving and decorating.  This year promises to be equally fun and have more activity.  Our first planning session for Christmas on Main is in the next couple of weeks.  Watch Facebook for more information as we get closer to the actual dates.

At the last Chamber meeting we discussed ways to improve member participation and some new fund raising opportunities.  Chief Burgess was in attendance and shared how in his last community there were meet and greets with the city officials and morning coffees.  In this time of threat from the lawsuit folk, this would be a great time to start getting together monthly to discuss strategies of working together while sharing a cup of coffee.  Please call Annie at Cromwell and Ney 209-838-3561 to schedule a coffee.  In the works for Fall 2015 is a farm to fork activity, which will be bringing our local farmers, their products, food and folks together for an evening under the stars.  Your Board members are always willing to hear your suggestions for activities. 

As always, Think Escalon First

Posted on August 18, 2014 .