Membership, Coffee and The Board

The Chamber is having a great response to the join/renewal letter sent at the end of January.  There is still plenty of time to send in your yearly dues.  Remember you can join online with very little effort.  If you do not see your name on the membership list, you might have forgotten to renew. One of the benefits of membership is the ability to offer coupons online for one of your services or post a monthly special.  We offer this service for free to all members and $25.00 for non members.

At the Annual meeting in January, the following members to the Board were voted on:

President - Pat Brown
Vice President - Lorina Cajias
Secretary - William Hecht
Treasurer - Linda Gentry
Director of member Services - Robert Jefferson (RJ)
Public Relations - Deverie Voral
Informational Securities - Robert Swift

Also on the agenda were upcoming events which are being posted on the website.  Individuals often ask when our mixers or coffees are held to which it must be answered that we are working on it.  Annie Gallagher will be calling on you to schedule yours, so please say you would love to host an event.  Coffees or mixers are a great way to get to know who is doing what in the community and when you get to know like and trust other Chamber members the easier it is to refer to their business.  It is a win win all around.

If you are interested in our scheduling workshops in customer service, 360 marketing or other informational activities, please let us know. 

 As Always think Escalon first.

Posted on February 24, 2015 .