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President's Blog, July, 2012

I am very proud of the accomplishments of the Escalon Chamber of Commerce and what we have accomplished in the last couple of years.  We have a growing membership which means we can begin to branch into new areas to serve our merchant community.  In any organization you have 20% of the membership doing 80% of the work and with a small Chamber that means that at any one time there are six to eight people trying to do everything in Escalon. If you are questioning what our Chamber does, I would like to share what our 20% has accomplished.

We have worked along with the City Council in supporting Escalon into the Enterprise Zone which will allow growth and tax credits to a business.  On hearing that local merchants received letters concerning their being out of ADA compliance, we have organized a workshop to learn how to better cope with threatened laws suits.  We have stamped numerous Certificates of Origin.  These documents are used in international trade.  It is a printed form completed by the exporter or its agent and certified by an issuing body (the Chamber), attesting that the goods in a particular export shipment have been wholly produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. The Chamber website is beautifully constructed and provides information on our activities as well as an event calendar.

As with all nonprofits, fund raising is quite important and we hold two such events each year, the Wine Garden, formerly called the Wine Stroll, and the golf tournament.  Additionally, merchants were given the opportunity to participate in the Extravaganza at Creative Water Gardens - the perfect place to network and share their businesses with each other and with the community.  Each year the Chamber also hosts Christmas on Main an opportunity to give back to the community at large.  Senior Awareness Day allowed community seniors to learn about services available from local service providers and businesses.

Plans for the future include regularly scheduled mixers or morning coffees for relationship building among our merchants and to provide programs to help business grow.  We are in the process of creating a scholarship which can be used by an individual in our business community for continuing education.  A percentage of fund raising event profits are dedicated to the scholarship fund.  First scholarship projected to be awarded in 2013.

Your participation can help us provide even more Chamber success stories.  Escalon Chamber of Commerce members who get “the most for their investment” are those who take advantage of all chamber services, actively participate in chamber programs, and communicate their membership in the Chamber to everyone with whom they come in contact.

President's Blog, April, 2012

While reading about all the news surrounding March Madness, I began to think about how these teams get there.  Then too there is the hoopla as Spring training begins for baseball and the football trading taking place.  Which franchise will have the best team? This got me to thinking about the powerhouse teams that Escalon produces year after year.  It is simply by making the best of every player a small town school provides.  There is no trading, no recruiting just a strong belief of yes we can year after year.  It is all about team work.

Your Escalon Chamber of Commerce is also a team.  This is a team of volunteers who believe that by working together we can make things happen for the business community.  All of us have other jobs, but find time to put together events bringing the community and merchants together.  Just like a championship ball team each activity we plan takes lots of focused work and activity to make it happen.  We are grateful to businesses in the community who believe in the Chamber and support us through membership and by their sponsorship of our events.  Having members of the community helping us at the differing activities adds to success of each event, as well.  Just as in ball teams where the MVP’s change from year to year, it is the different starters (activity chairs) that supply added energy and makes the wine stroll, the golf tournament, or Christmas on Main so successful.  April brings our newly revised wine stroll with a Mardi Gras theme.  Details are on the website.

For our newest event, the Escalon Chamber of Commerce presents the First Annual Escalon Extravaganza...Join us for a lovely adult evening, stroll through the lush grounds of Creative Water Gardens while listening to the sounds of running water and live jazz, sampling deliciously catered appetizers while sipping a glass of wine and bidding on exciting silent auction items...all while meeting Escalon business members and viewing their wares together with others from our community. Admission is free!

I encourage you to become part of our Team--" Think Escalon First" by joining the Chamber this year and by becoming involved in the activities that "Suit Your Fancy."

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President's Blog, January, 2012

How great it is to have our website up and running again.  It seems that one individual took down many sites created by our web designer.  It is also wonderful to have Kimberly Sullivan Gray (Creative Water Gardens) as our webmaster.  She has experience and is poised to make this a dynamic website for our members.  We are also creating quite a “power team” of volunteers who have the vision of making our Chamber each year more productive than the last, as we THINK ESCALON FIRST!

Plans are underway for our revised wine stroll scheduled for Friday, April 27th.  The Jazz band has been hired, wineries contacted, local merchants informed and all the paper work is being addressed.  Information will be on the website as soon as available.  The theme is Mardi Gras so you know it needs to be on your “must do in April” list.

The Chamber encourages you to do your research on the San Joaquin Enterprise Zone.  This is the largest incentive program in California to attract, expand and retain businesses.  Escalon was added to the existing EZ in July of 2011.  Several Chamber members were in attendance at the informational meeting held in January.  Find out how you can benefit at

Membership, membership, membership makes your Chamber strong.  If you haven’t received your renew or join information packet please email us at, or call at 209-247-9800 and let us know.

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