JAB Creations

2003 Main Street, Escalon, Ca 95320 • 209-691-0221

JAB Creations was started out of a love for all things old, especially architectural components made my real wood craftsmen prior to the world of Ikea and cookie cutter, assembly line manufacturing. Starting in 2004 Juanita and Brett (JAB) started to collect old porcelain and glass door knobs, which led to collecting the doors as well, these were just so beautiful.

Fortunately, we had access to lots of old farm house demolitions, so in addition to the doors and door knobs we began to also collect windows and pillars and stairwells and anything else we didn’t want to see destroyed. The accumulation happened fast, before we knew it we were borderline hoarders and we didn’t know what to do with all of these amazing and historical items. Out of desperation, we purchased the old pump company warehouse in Escalon and filled it up with treasures that we had stored away in numerous storage units all over town.

These treasures and our desire to be creative with the salvage of old lumber and architectural components was the birth of JAB Creations - Architectural Salvage & What Not !!!

Posted on July 1, 2019 .