Delicato Family Vineyards

Delicato Family Vineyards began when two young Italian immigrants, Gaspare and Caterina Indelicato, settled in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley.  Gaspare and his brother-in-law purchased an old dairy farm, planted grapes on the open land and successfully marketed them to home winemakers on the East Coast.

After Prohibition ended, the winery began production in 1935 with 3,451 gallons of red wine which were sold to local farmers and friends.  In the early 1950's, Gaspare's three sons joined their father in the wine business.  At that time, Frank was Cellar Master, Tony was Winemaker and Vince was the Sales Department.

Today, Delicato Family Vineyards is a successful, modern winery with National and International distribution.  Still family-owned by the heirs of Gaspare and Caterina's three sons, the third generation of the Indelicato family proudly continues the tradition of producing fine wines.

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Posted on April 17, 2015 .